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Nose to Tail Care
At Clínica Veterinaria Axarquía, our friendly and professional team of staff offer a more personal approach to animal care. Since qualifying from Facultad de Veterinaria Universidad de Cordoba, Principal Veterinary Surgeon Carolina Guidotti Gonzalez has worked for sixteen years in Torre del Mar constantly upgrading her facilities, services and team to ensure provision of the highest level of veterinary care and client service.
Advice on preventative healthcare for your much-loved pets is available to help keep them healthy and happy. So from major surgery to routine vaccinations, we are fully committed to providing first class veterinary treatment from our modern premises.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pets into the world of animal care.

  Veterinary Facitilities
Clinic Hours
Monday to Friday_____________Saturday
10am - 1.30pm and 5pm- 8pm__10am - 1.30pm

We have open consultations. but should you wish to book a specific time to see a particular vet this can be arranged. We also offer appointments only between 1.30pm and 5pm where possible.

Calle Casas Nuevas 2
Torre del Mar Malaga
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Full Surgical and Medical Facilities
On-site Diagnostic Testing - Routine Vaccinations
Dietary and Weight Advice - Microchipping - Pet Passports
Dental Care - Pet Foods - Accessories - Dog Grooming Parlour